Player bound drops and drop clearing

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Player bound drops and drop clearing

Post by Xube on August 25th 2012, 12:38 am

Drops right now seem to be a free for all, so it would be great if there was a way to allocate drops to players based on merit.

I really don't care about preventing other people from picking up my drops, but it would open up the possibility for a clear drops feature: a chatbox command to clear all your drops. This is great when the map is played for a while and items start cluttering the ground and slowing down the game -- my Mac Air can't handle much stress...

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Re: Player bound drops and drop clearing

Post by EternalToss on August 25th 2012, 12:58 am

I personally don't know of this is possible but I can see problems occurring. For now though i would just pick up the items and sell them thanks to the new updates for sc2 you can hold control and right click the items to sell them quickly.
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