Semi In Depth Loot Guide! *spoiler*

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Semi In Depth Loot Guide! *spoiler*

Post by Kid1 on September 6th 2012, 2:37 am

So after having been around the dragon quest rpg block so to say, I decided to share some information of the thing we are all here for, the epic loots.

Every Boss monster has certain unique items they can drop so lets start with the legendarys.

*Bosses Hp as listed is based on # of players in the game 1-4*

Level 10 - Syrital: 1550-6200 Hp Drops Syritals Talons: 10X2 damage 1.0 attack speed, lights target on fire for 10 DPS (based on spell damage)

Level 25 - The Anchients: 4500-13,500 Hp Each. Drops:
Tolic's Fire Orb- 20% chance to catch attackers on fire (damage based on spell damage)
Korlic's Frozen Blade- 35 dmg 1.0 attack speed, slows 25% movespeed 10% attackspeed
Madawc's Electric Armor- 100 shields 5 armor

Level 50 - Sremagsi: 30k-120k Hp Drops Sremagsi's Tentacles- 20 damage, 6 range, 0.5 attack speed (the only TRUE ranged weapon in the game, its damage is based from Dex not Str)

Level 60 - Machina De Plagam: 80k-500k Hp Drops Plagam Armor- 500 shields, 17 armor

Level 80 - Zauberer Form 1: 120k Hp Form 2: 180k Hp Both forms may drop the following:
Ascended Armor- 25 armor (Also drops from Archons)
Flux Capacitor Orb- 5% faster health/energy regen. 5% move attack and cooldown speeds. 5% shorter buff/debuff duration
Oblivion Armor- 25 armor 10% chance to block full attacks
Oblivion Weapon- 200 damage, 1.0 attack speed, 3 range. (even though its 3 range its damage bonus is still received from Str not Dex)
Grand orb of anger- monsters within 10 range attack you
Grand Healing Orb- 20 Hp per sec regen
Godly Claws- 150 damage 1.0 attack speed

Well thats about all the info I have for now, hope you enjoyed or learned something! -Kid

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Re: Semi In Depth Loot Guide! *spoiler*

Post by Greed on September 6th 2012, 4:47 am

Just going to point out the problems i noticed and you can then edit your post in your own words.

Boss health is preset based on the number of players in the game at the start. The only exception is the 5th boss.

The Ancients, are level 25 bosses.

Other then that, the final boss, drops Godly claws (along with morteus) Grand orb of anger Grand orb of healing

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