Guide to uploading bank files on Windows 7

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Guide to uploading bank files on Windows 7

Post by Greed on September 30th 2012, 12:53 am

Please note i am editing the pictures to an extent. Sorry for severe redaction in last screenshot but it browsed to somewhat sensitive data.

Step 1: Locating your bank files

To find the bank files, go to Libraries\Documents and double click your In game name for North American server.

After that, open the Banks folder, and you should have something like this. Go through all these till you find the one for DragonQuest RPG.

This is what mine looks like.

When you find it, go back into the banks folder, and copy (right click and then left click on copy) then go to your desktop and paste it.(right click then left click on paste)

Step 2: Zipping your bank files

For this step i use WinRAR.

Now that you have your bank files on the desktop, Its time to zip them. To do this right click on the folder and click 'Add to Archive'

You may need to browse so that your files are placed on the desktop. Make sure you also are making a .zip and not a .rar (see attached picture)

After you click 'ok' you will have your zipped folder.

Step 3: Uploading your files

Now make or reply to a topic and find the attach file area just under the text area. Take note of the screenshot.

Navigate to your desktop and select the file, then click open. The click the 'Submit Query' Button you saw in the previous screenshot.

After that just send a post as you normally would.

If you have any questions, please message either EternalToss, MarineToss? or myself and we will try to help you.
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