Not all bugs but suggestions

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Not all bugs but suggestions

Post by charr on October 13th 2012, 12:12 pm

As I was playing there was no respawn on the first boss. If this is intended then I cant imagine why. There were higher lvl players in the game who killed that boss in a heartbeat that they might proceed further. As a new player I did not have a chance to get there to kill the boss and since it never respawned I had to leave the game to rejoin a new one.
The skills you have added do not show totals in damage. They list 5 damage per level of the fireball for example but never show the totals. That would be cool if you could fix the icons as to show the overall damage and mana consumption based on the level.
In town there is a vast amount of gear, could we not have a basic orb shop as well though? I feel limited in my two choices. I get armor and a weapon every 5 levels. Otherwise who cares about gear.
I felt as though the area for the shared experience was a bit small. I personally would like it a bit bigger as to encompass my group more fully.
All around it is a fantastic game on which you did very well. The ability to equip items as you allowed is amazing. I love the classical score of music which adds a natural and unique feel to your game. The map as a whole struck me as small until I explored the offshoot areas of the main map. I love how the creep respawn quickly in areas with high death rates so as a group we can garner experience faster. The custom skins for dragons are fun, if you could throw in like 2-3 more that would be amazing. I personally loved every time I transformed. I liked the overall layout of the spells and abilities. The talent tree was well designed. I disliked the ability for movement speed. It should not change so drastically as we add points. It should come more from a higher dragon form. Thus the lower dragons will never be faster then their older siblings. What would be amazing if possible, have the dragons grow based on their tree. You could have the base dragons the same but as they differ along the talent tree have them turn into different forms of themselves.
A lot of suggestions and such if you care to read or take any of them thats cool. I hope I have been more of a help than an irritant as well.
Thanks for making a wonderful game and continue to develop.

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Re: Not all bugs but suggestions

Post by EternalToss on October 13th 2012, 1:53 pm

There is no respawn on the first boss currently because at low levels it could be farmed for exp because even at levels below 30 it still gives a fair amount of exp solo. I guess we could change it and make it so that everyone gets the buff once its killed or make it so that it respawns every 5-10 minutes or something like that, but maybe with reduced exp so that it would be a ineffective farm.

As to the orbs being purchased there isnt any plan on getting a orb shop atm and orbs are meant to be something harder to get and even if there was a shop there is very little variety of orbs atm so it might contain only one or two orbs max so that they cant all just be bought.

The shared exp area is rather small and in some cases people one it bigger and yet in others people say its quite the opposite with people leeching exp by following them.

For the whole thing about dragon forms, currently hero is planning to add new dragon forms, so dragons will have some diversity but im not sure what it will be like exactly

Anyway on behalf of the DRPG staff we thank you for your praise of the game we hope you continue to enjoy the gameplay and keep the ideas flowing all ideas are treated equal and welcomed.
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