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Recent Bugs/Suggestions

Post by EternalToss on December 1st 2012, 1:25 pm

1. Quests list is a little bit bugged it repeats items over you should also be able to minimize the list via a hotkey
-For quests once youve read it once you should be able to hit space to unfreeze your character

2. When i start the game im wearing oblivion claws but i have to un-equip then re-equip them or else it shows as if i have no claws equipped

3.Randomly during the final boss my screen froze in one spot (i couldnt scroll the map)

4. In the cinematic stage at the end one game i didnt see the credits roll and one i did idk if you just updated it and i didnt notice but if you didnt then im thinking its because the first time when i didnt see it its because someone left or was disconnected/dropped randomly

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