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Post by MasterShuba on December 1st 2012, 5:02 pm

Hella addicting with the prestige feature. i prestiged like 7 times

Get level 100, reset stats, then prestige, you are level 1 with 500 stat points. Bonus! And you can even add on more stat points as you level.

You can use lvl 25 Korlics? Frozen Blade at a young age... even though it says you can't.

Even though the game says that exp is shared 100%. It's false. I notice when i'm alone I get more exp. And one time a guy told me to stop following him because I was leeching exp. Sad

Easy mode beating last boss. run right up to the corners. The boss will ignore you and go to the corner as well. you are free to shoot him up with tenticles. Intentional?

Errbody knows that you roll the dice with stuff in your bags. Sometimes stuff is duplicated, sometimes items are gone. stacked items reduced to 1.

When you prestige you have to kill yoself in order to activate the prestige buff.

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Post by EternalToss on December 1st 2012, 5:25 pm

When it says that exp is shared 100% it doesnt mean u each get the max exp its made so that if you get the kill or dont get the kill if your within the area to gain exp its split between you
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