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Dragon Data Loss Fix

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Dragon Data Loss Fix Empty Dragon Data Loss Fix

Post by EternalToss on June 27th 2012, 12:25 pm

Now if you have:
1) Lost levels
2) Your dragon has completely reset to level 1
3) Your dragon has glitched and the data doesnt save
4) Your dragon has glitched and your level 0 or something else is wrong follow this

To fix the problem.

Find your bank file.
Go to C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\StarCraft II\ and you should see a shortcut to your StarCraft 2 account. Open that go to the bank folder and find the correct folder for Dragon Quest RPG

Also from what i know although i dont have a mac you should be able to find it here
*user*/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II/Accounts/.../Bank/

You need to post your Dragon Quest RPG folder with bank files inside, for us and we can attempt to fix the problem. You MUST post your whole Dragon Quest RPG folder in zip format. Shortly after you post your file you will be given access to a board where your fixed file will be uploaded when we have fixed it and be able to download the fixed file. When you download the file make sure you move the old files to your desktop. Then put the fixed files into the folder. Only after you have tested the new files can you delete the old ones. This ensures if it still doesn't work you have your original files we can still work on. After you have downloaded the files simply reply in the thread with fixed files with a polite 'thank you' to the admin that helped and we will remove your permission to view the board.

Note: If you don't zip your whole folder we can't help you and you might have problems uploading the file. Also just to make it easy on yourself copy the whole folder onto your desktop then zip it and make sure you state what items and/or levels you're trying to get restored.

This is a warning to anyone that thinks they can pull a fast one. If you lie to me, Hero, or Greed you will be denied any form of help and you're forum account will be banned for a disclosed amount of time. If you don't agree this condition then don't bother posting anything.

I'd just like to add this in that Greed and I are currently the only ones dealing with data loss and don't expect anything to be instantaneous, yes we are mods, yes we signed up for this, no were not paid and we have our own lives. We do our best around our schedule and won't change what we do or stay up very late just to deal with one individuals want. If you would like to complain about how we do things feel free just remember that if you want anything it is only us that can solve your problem. ^.^
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