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Post by RJ Beley on August 31st 2012, 6:25 am

I know that I make a thread like this a few days ago but here is a new idea and I know it's gonna take months of working at it I would be impressed if it happened:

First of all:
It should look more like a military base/Town. What I mean is that there should be refugees and maybe name some of the popular players in DQrpg in the refugees and their description they want you to type.

There should be some guards(Marines, Marauders, Ghosts, etc)defending the town/refugees. Well if there are guards then there should be structures (Barracks and Factory) that will produce them (almost forgot tanks) and maybe you can go inside them and see the guards transforming from civilians to guards (IDK if it's possible but I hope yes) and you can buy/sell weapons, to be specific you can only buy level 1-50 weapons/armor in barracks and level 60-100 weapons/armor in factory(you can change the names of the barracks and factory if you want). There should be a mechanism of how many tanks/guards are spawn and maybe add a mechanism on the timing of spawn like if 1 marine died it is replaced same as the tanks.(to reduce lag)

There should be a mining spot where refugees are mining and you can go inside it like the factory and barracks. You can sell/buy potions and maybe you can exchange gas to minerals and vice versa

The design of the PvP arena sucks (no offence but I'm just giving my opinion)

THANKS FOR READING (and I hope no one gets angry at me and tell me I'm too bossy)
RJ Beley
RJ Beley
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Teen Dragon

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Post by EternalToss on August 31st 2012, 9:46 am

I won't tell you your bossy, but this is ridiculous. The military base will be added as a higher level town, hero already said this. Furthermore so much for a town is stupid. A base will be added but it won't be so complicated it's not worth the time or the effort. Forum locked because you already posted this.
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Dragon Administrator

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