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Post by EternalToss on December 20th 2012, 5:47 pm

Here are some FAQ's in no particular order

1. Basic Gameplay (How do i equip items? What happens if i equip one item over another?)

When you start the game on the right of the screen above your control panel you have six different buttons. Each one when click on or opened via the hot-key set for it (#1-6 on the keypad) it will open a tab on the left side of the screen for orbs weapons and armors and on the right for you main bag and two extra bags. All items picked up automatically fill your main bag first then your extra bags. To equip any items right click on any item then left click it to drop it into the appropriate slot inside the open tab on the left. If you already have an item equipped dont worry the item that you have equipping over it will automatically transfer into your bag in place of the new one.

2. Data saving

To save your dragons stats you must click the "Save and Exit" button on the top of the screen. You can only save when you've been out of combat for at least 5 seconds and while in some areas it will not allow you to safely save and exit either. If you don't hit save and exit your data will not save.

3. Prestiging
You can only prestige after you've beat the final boss (Zauberer) during the 15 seconds before the cinematic. You can prestige 10 times and each time you prestige you get a buff which stacks.

4. Quest Line
When you start the game along the left side of the screen you can see your current quest line. The quests are automatically updated every time you complete one. To finish one quest you must talk to one person then complete the task given then talk to them again to finish it completely. When you finish the task you are given a reward of exp set by the individual quest and its difficulty level. It's highly recommended that you follow the quest line, by doing so it will give everything you buffs and large amounts of exp which are both needed to complete the next quest and to advance to new areas. In between quests you can also grind to gain levels to proceed with ease.

5. Bosses
There are currently 5 different bosses in game.
Syrital (Queen) Special Drop: Syrital's Claws

The Guardians: Tolic (Zealot), Madawc (High Templar), Korlic (Dark Templar) Special Drops: Tolics Fire Orb, Madawc's Electric Armor, Korlic's Frozen Blade

Sregamsi (Leviathan) Special Drop: Sregamsi's Tentacles

Machina De Plagam (Colossus) Special Drop: Plagam Armor

Zauberer (It has two forms) (Preserver,) Special Drops: Oblivion Armor, Oblivion Claws, Flux Capacitor, Grand Orb Of Anger, Grand Healing Orb.

6. Areas
There are nine different areas which are all given recommended levels to enter at, you can enter at lower levels although if you're alone you will probably struggle to beat it without resetting your stats to something more suited for the area.

7. Stats/Skills/Talents
When you start the game your given some free stats, talents and skill points to use. Each level you gain five stat points, one skill point and one talent point. Stats are your basic points used to boost your dragons ability to cope with new areas. Skills are used mainly by casters which are good for long range support. Talents boost your dragons offensive and defensive ability. You can reset your stats and talents whenever you want by typing -reset stats or -reset talents

8. Bugs
Bugs can be found in game (usually by accident) and we appreciate it if would take the time to report them to us. Anything you tell us we take a look at and it really helps us to improve the game. Also if you have a replay you can upload it directly to the forums or to a different website and that would help us greatly with weird bugs. Please before posting any bugs check to see if its already been reported to us.

9. Basic Use Of The Forum- This forum is strictly for any problems, suggestions and/or feedback for the game. Feel free to post anything you like, but note that anything posted may be edited or deleted without any warning and you can be banned if multiple infractions occur upon our set rules. If you're posting any suggestions, feedback or bugs then go right ahead. If you have any data loss from improper saving or a failed saving then create a post with the requirements listed here.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the FAQ please pm myself or any other admin.
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