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What to do with extra minerals?

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What to do with extra minerals? Empty What to do with extra minerals?

Post by luckyjason on February 20th 2013, 11:36 pm

As we all know, if you prestige a several times, we are LOADED with minerals. However, you can't really do anything with it in the later phrase since you already have legendary weapons such as oblivion claw / armor, flux / grand healing orbs, and various potions that are MUCH better than shop-bought potions.

Although this is only an opinion, to me, the current mineral system seems like a huge waste since you lose THOUSANDS of minerals every time you die, and the new talent that makes you gain more mineral is just pointless. Mineral really serves no purpose except making you feel bad every time you die and lose 1,000,000.

So, here are some of my suggestions:

1. Enable Mineral-to-Gas conversion. Obviously, the ratio should be something like 1,000 minerals per gas or something. The current gas item is way too overpriced, and nobody really does PvPs anymore since they're always too busy levelling. It takes forever to accumulate 5,000 gas if you don't actually farm.
2. Introduce 'unique shop potions'. For example, there can be a potion that increases your speed, and so on. The current potions are too useless.
3. Make shop-bought ranged weapons. With the new update, there is a whole talent path dedicated to ranged weapons, but it's kind of sad since the only ranged weapon in the game is Sresmagsi's Claw.

Thank you for reading this Smile
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What to do with extra minerals? Empty Re: What to do with extra minerals?

Post by Deathbringer on February 21st 2013, 1:24 am

I will be adding ranged and magic weapons soon.
I will be adding new items in the shop for players that are level 100.
I will be adding side quests which will reward players with vespene.
I will be adding new vespene items.

Just as soon as the game works again.
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