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something to look forward to

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something to look forward to Empty something to look forward to

Post by ace00 | Erebos on April 1st 2013, 7:09 pm

i think i made this post in the wrong area, under another land suggestions. so here it is on this one. if its under the wrong section feel free to move it or delete the other one

Something that i see alot of people talk about when i host. I will list a few things, going from what i see people ask for the most.

1. Vets ask that a harder game mode / bosses be updated to the game. That way they have something to challenge or add to there late game conquest Twisted Evil

2. That they be able to save there game during ending credits, that way they can skip them if they have watched it 100x already lol.

3. To be able to reset the final boss area instead of closing game, that way. People dont have to keep remaking over and over and watching credits that they have already seen.

4. Add items to help with spell casting. As it stands your early melee or range in terms of weapons

5. maybe another show support by doing another event. just to show that you guys are still kicking out there Surprised . even tho we already know this, just look at the how often you patch.

6. this one i hear alot, a way to tell on the prestige icon what lvl prestige your at. maybe a 1-10 or some other way to be able to tell on yourself and those that join your game. only real way to tell now and days is to look at your default hp before stats are added

anyways just throwing these ideas that i see alot out there. if any of these are repost or just wore out ideas sorry to hear. just bringing the word of the people to the forums. as i love to host games and play this rpg atleast 2-3 hours every day minimum and have enjoyed the company of many random players showing support and new players alike
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