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-Reborn suggestions and model suggestions for armors

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-Reborn suggestions and model suggestions for armors Empty -Reborn suggestions and model suggestions for armors

Post by Rageypoo on November 26th 2013, 2:11 pm

I love the new -reborn system, here's what i'd like added.

DAMAGE! I'd love the option for more damage, i mean there's obviously room for it when you can get movement speed, hp, less miss change, i mean its all there except for damage. Also splash could be kinda cool but not nearly as necessary as damage.

I'd LOVE to see armors that can affect your dragon! Demonic armor has this effect which is really neat, but i'd love to see something that effects you overall, similar to the color glow you can get from the game LOTTO DEFENSE when you upgrade a hell unit. If you've never played the game play it and check it out, the glow is really cool i'd love to see it! I wear oblivion armor, I want others to know it when I look so freaky badashy!!
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