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Armor and Item color changes

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Armor and Item color changes Empty Armor and Item color changes

Post by Rageypoo on November 27th 2013, 11:48 pm

Back again with more suggestions!

I'm super happy that for the lighter armor you changed the look of the armor, i'd love to see ring armor look like rings too, that would be sick! That being said, there's something I was thinking you could do as far as the armors are concerned.

With the picture of the item "silver spines" you could color the portrait silver, for "Bronze claws" you could color the claw bronze, and for "Bone spines" you could give it a "bone" color! I don't know how hard this would be but it might add a bit more depth to the items, helping to make them seem unique. Personally I think random stats would make them unique, i'm not sure if this is capable but that would be great, then the colors could be relevant to how powerful the drops is, with white being a normal item, blue a magic item, yellow a rare item, orange a unique item, red being a legendary item, and purple being an epic item!

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