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Veredas Mages Boss fight!

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Veredas Mages Boss fight! Empty Veredas Mages Boss fight!

Post by rincam5 on April 4th 2015, 6:59 pm

Upon aummoning Zauberer, he says a bunch of stuff but he also mentions these Veredas Mages. this gave me a cool idea that i really hope will be added to the game In the futue(bcuz I know how long it takes to make and test 1 thing, ive tried making custom units). My idea is a Veradas Mages boss fight AFTER Zauberer. this would mean the end cinematic trigger will happen after you kill mages and afer Zauberer the player gets teleported to a new area like creton, but with much harder enemies. After goin through the new area, players find the Veredas Mages(maybe they spawn from those preserver prison thingies?) and if they defeat them, they drop oblivian items and flux capacitors at a much greater chance than Zaub. Anyways that is my idea hope you guys like it I am happy to give out more of my *great* ideas.

-Buckaroo, or Moosegrease, or rincam5
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